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This is an outdated idea for now. It is retained for informational purposes only.

What is the Donkey Kong League

The Donkey Kong League is still in early development and more information will be coming in the near future. The Donkey Kong League is based in a Season-mentality like other sports. The Donkey Kong League will track the gaming activity over the course of the Season and will award points for participation in tournaments. No registration required for the Donkey Kong League. Points will be awarded according to those who participate in League Eligible Tournaments. The 2015 Donkey Kong Season is approaching.

  • Recent Scores
Since the Donkey Kong League is based upon a Season structure, only scores within that season will determine where a player is positioned in the standings. For example, in the NHL a team's performance throughout the year will determine their playoff position not how they performed in the previous season or in the previous playoffs. Additionally, a pitcher may have broken the record for most no-hitters in a prior season, but the up and coming rookie is red hot and blazing a trail for his team in the present season. The key here is that no one is granted a position in the end of year DKG Invitational because of a high score that was achieved several years ago. Every player is on an equal footing at the beginning of a new Season.
  • Consistency
The key to success in the League is consistency. Players' scores will only count towards the league if they participate in the tournaments. As Billy Mitchell said in the King of Kong: "Video games are meant to be played in a competitive environment, under pressure, organized, where you have to perform literally on demand... And when you do that, you have far more credibility than someone who says, Oh, l did that last week. No matter how good you play tennis, no matter how good you play golf, if you don't play when you have to play, if you don't play when the pressure's on, you're really not good enough." Inspired by this philosophy, the Donkey Kong League promotes a player's consistency through out the year, and is not determined by a high score list of all time or even the aggregate of scores that year.
  • Commitment
The Donkey Kong League also requires commitment since missing a single competition could be a major set back in points. For example, if you are generally within the top ten in NASCAR but you missed several races throughout the year could drastically affect that racer's overall standings. In any sport there is the commitment and sacrifice to play on demand in all competitions.

League Eligible Tournaments

Donkey Kong Open

The Donkey Kong Open tournaments have been a great addition to the Donkey Kong Community. The way these tournaments function as hosted by Eric Tessler and John Salter will continue through the Donkey Kong Forum. These tournaments have placed people in the Wildcard Division at the yearly Kong Off Competition based upon an aggregate of scores over the course of six tournaments. Players will participate as usual but the ranking at the end of each tournament will determine the League points which were achieved.

No-Hammer Competition

The No-Hammer Competition hosted by Jeff Wolfe through the Donkey Kong Forum has added another dimension on how to test player's skills on Donkey Kong. The only rule is that one can not grab a hammer at all during the game or it is disqualified. As in the Donkey Kong Open, League points will be awarded by a predetermined manner that is fair according to the bracket style, one quarter, verses structure.

Donkey Kong Genius Cups

Donkey Kong Genius, creator of the Donkey Kong Wiki, will be hosting a few new tournaments called "Cups" that will test other areas of a player's skills.

  • Donkey Kong Genius Speedrun Cup
The Speedrun Cup will run each year for a period of a week and will be broken into two tiers. The first tier will track the fastest killscreens. The second tier will be determined based on how far a person got in the game. Since not everyone can get a killscreen in Donkey Kong, it is prudent to offer a second tier of League points for those who get far in the game towards the killscreen. Since this Cup tests the skills of both efficiency and survive-ability, there will be a difference in the amount of League points that will be disbursed among the kilscreeners as opposed to those who got to a certain boards trying.

Donkey Kong Genius Invitational

The DKG Invitational is the highlight of the Donkey Kong League. All the points that were accumulated by the end of the Season will determine who will be invited to this tournament. The details of this online competition is still being determined but may be made up of the top 16 players in the Season-end standings and will be using a bracket-style elimination. It is possible that each round will consist of a different type of challenge that will be determined prior to the start of the tournament.

  • Round #1 One Dollar Start - Example'
Each player will play 4 consecutive quarters. The goal is to achieve as many points as possible before reaching level 5. All bottom hammers are required. Therefore, it is the intention of the player to sack all his men prior to completing the level 4 rivet board. The players with the highest start with sacks on one of the four quarters will advance to the next round.

When Are Points Awarded

Points are awarded during the Donkey Kong Genius Cups and other Eligible Tournaments such as the Donkey Kong Opens, and the No-Hammer Competition. Points will be awarded at the conclusion of a competition. Points will only be awarded if the rules of the tournaments are followed precisely. Although it is highly encouraged for a score to be eligible for the High Score List by following the Score Submission Rules, the Donkey Kong League will allow scores that only follow the rules of their respective tournament. The DKG Cups will follow the DKF HSL rules.

How Points Are Awarded

The Donkey Kong League is based on the NASCAR point system. A point system gives the Donkey Kong Community another angle of evaluating its players. This system has several features that are worth highlighting.

  • The point distribution encourages tournament score submissions since even if a player had a horrible weekend they still may be able to finish 20th and pick up 24 points for that tournament which is still more than half the available points. This is important for players who have off weekends who may not feel inclined to submit their low scores. The Donkey Kong League encourages all registered players to always post their scores. For example, in NASCAR all cars involved in the race (register) are required to pass the finish line and take which ever place they earned no matter how low.
  • It also encourages players to participate. For example, if a player only participates in one of two tournaments and places 1st will have less points than someone who plays in both tournaments and only placed 22nd both times.
  • It gives players who may not yet have the skills to place in the top 10 a chance to earn points through out the year.
  • Someone who places 20th may get more points than someone who placed 12th or 11th, if they accomplish one of the skill bounties such as 1-1, best score at end of level 2, amount of boards per first/last man, etc. For example, someone who places 8th will get 36 points for their rank in the tournament but they will also be awarded 10 additional points for getting the first killscreen, for a total of 46 points, which is more than 1st place.
Finish	Points
1st	43
2nd	42
3rd	41
4th	40
5th	39
6th	38
7th	37
8th	36
9th	35
10th	34
11th	33
12th	32
13th	31
14th	30
15th	29
16th	28
17th	27
18th	26
19th	25
20th	24
21st	23
22nd	22
23rd	21
24th	20
25th	19
26th	18
27th	17
28th	16
29th	15
30th	14
31st	13
32nd	12
33rd	11
34th	10
35th	9
36th	8
37th	7
38th	6
39th	5
40th	4
41st	3
42nd	2
43rd	1

Plus 10 bonus points for various skill achievements