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About Donkey Kong Wiki

The Donkey Kong Wiki is dedicated to the Donkey Kong Community as a supplemental companion to the Donkey Kong Forum and Donkey Blog. It was the intention to create a new resource that would build upon previously established sites in a collaborative effort to offer greater usability, accessibility and promotion of the hobby. The Donkey Blog has the best investigative journalistic reporting on the Donkey Kong scene, and the Donkey Kong Forum is the life of the community housing discussions and conversations. It is the belief of Donkey Kong Genius that the classic arcade gaming community for Donkey Kong deserves an enhancement and given the same treatment and exposure as other popular games such as Star Craft. Hence, the Donkey Kong Wiki concept developed as a response to this opportunity.


The Donkey Kong Wiki is a semi-public wiki. It is public in the sense that all its pages can be viewed without an account. It is closed in the sense that only those with accounts and edit rights can edit unprotected pages, and only administrators can edit protected pages. All account creations must be done through invitation from the administrator. There are several features available to those who have accounts.

  • Chat
A chat function has been included on this wiki for the sole purpose of assisting in the collaboration of users in creating content. If you are interested in having conversations with people within the Donkey Kong Community the Shoutbox on the Donkey Kong Forum is the best place for this activity.
  • Social Profile
The social profile function allows you to better personalize your account by uploading an avatar, share other miscellaneous information, maintain a watchlist, view a list of your contributions, and access your wiki user page which can be used to compile data that is not yet ready for the Player Biographical Article. There is also a function to message someone personally through email or on the wiki, have private chat conversations, post a message on their profile message board, etc, but unless you know that a specific user actively uses these functions their may be more effective channels that you can use such as Facebook, Twitter, or the Donkey Kong Forum. More importantly, social profile function allows the wiki to award people for their participation such as for a certain number of edits, awards which can be seen on someone's profile page. Each profile also compiles points based on ones level of participation and ranks the participant. The ranking system and point distribution can be viewed here.
  • Editing
The most important function enabled for those with accounts and edit rights is the ability to edit unprotected wiki pages. Each player should take ownership of their own player article and be willing to assist in the compilation of data for other pages. The success of any wiki relies upon its members to contribute to the growth of content on the articles. The administrators are always there to assist in this process, particularly how to help you create a player article off the Player Article template. All the player articles will be uniform. The player article for Corey Chambers is a prime example of all the possible content ideas and page design. The administrators will help you edit your page to achieve this end.

Main Page

The main page is the hub for accessing most of the highlighted content on the wiki and so we will walk-through some of these features.

  • Donkey Kong News
This section will house recent events in the world of competitive arcade gaming. The first 10 or more updates will be shown on the front page while the "all news and citations" link will lead one to the complete archive of past updates that were on the front page at one time. This archive will be maintained for informational purposes.
  • Donkey Kong Wiki News
This section will highlight the most recent major updates to the Donkey Kong Wiki itself such as new functions or extensions. There will be an archive for past updates that used to be on the front page.
  • Featured Article
This section basically highlights a particular article such as a section in the Basic Manual or a player biography. Any article that has been on the front page will receive a featured article banner during the duration of the time it is on the front page. Adding this banner also tags the article with a Featured Article category so there will be an archive of past featured articles.
  • Featured Streamer
This section is used to promote a particular streamer so that if they are playing while someone visits the wiki it will offer some more exposure to that player. There is no set time for when this section is updated but will occasionally change to give other streamers equal exposure.
  • Recent Score Submissions
This section offers several features. The last 10 or 15 score submissions to the Donkey Kong forum. In one shot one can see exactly what these scores are, when they were achieved, who achieved them, and a link to the evidence such as a video or the post containing the input file. This section also links to the most relevant and reliable Donkey Kong Forum High Score List which was pioneered by Corey Chambers and is maintained by a few members of the Donkey Kong Community. The genius of this section actually lies under the "older submissions" link which will take you to the most exhaustive list of score submissions ever compiled. The mass majority of these scores are submissions to the High Score List on the Donkey Kong forum, and others were used to create the High Score List initially prior to submissions. For all intents and purposes all dates on this list assumes achieved dates although some of them may may have been submitted/verified/updated dates. This list can be sorted once by clicking the arrows to list the column in ascending or descending order. If one then holds shift while clicking on another arrow will utilize secondary sorting.
  • Tournament Calendar
This section shows all past, present, and future tournaments.
  • Navigation Sidebar
The sidebar lists all the important Donkey Kong sites, Donkey Kong Genius social media connections, and pages like the one you are presently viewing and Getting Started with competitive Donkey Kong. You can also view the Mission Statement and learn How To Contribute to the Donkey Kong Wiki. There is also a convenient search bar and a very comprehensive share app that will allow people to share the main page, or any other page, to numerous social media outlets. This section also contains the Upload file link which some members will be able to upload photos to be used as their avatar or on their player article. Also explore the mini-wikis dedicated to other Classic Arcade Games in the Game Portal.
  • Bottom Banner
The bottom banner contains two notable resources: Private Policy and General Disclaimers.


A major navigation tool on the main page is the Portal. This portal features some of the articles and websites vital to Donkey Kong.

  • Community
The community button in the portal links to the Donkey Kong Forum which is and remains the community hub of the Donkey Kong Community. This site houses a lot of information on Donkey Kong, including chat, discussion threads, and tournaments. It is highly recommended that you create an account and begin interacting with the Donkey Kong Community. Jeff Harrist, the creator and administrator of the Donkey Kong Forum, is an influential and important member of the Donkey Kong Community and does an excellent job maintaining the Forum.
  • Donkey Blog'
The Donkey Blog, created and written by Chris Psaros, brings that journalistic investigative reporting to the world of Donkey Kong. There is a mass of information contained on this site that is worth reading. Chris' writing style is clever and easy to read. Spend a few hours familiarizing yourself with his content.
  • Donkey Kong League
The Donkey Kong League which is further explained on its page offers a point system to work in conjunction with the tournaments held on the Donkey Kong Forum or any challenges offered by Donkey Kong Genius. Read the page for more details on how the Donkey Kong League will function.
  • Tournaments
The tournaments page is a comprehensive list of all tournaments, their dates, scores, and cash earnings.
  • Players
The button directs the user to an alphabetical list of all pages that are dedicated to individual Classic Arcade Gamers.
  • Streams
The streams page was created by Corey Chambers and was designed with several features that will provide the user with an enjoyable viewing experience. 1) It is real time. When you visit the page it will populate all the streams that are currently live from the List of Streamers. Once every minute the page will clean up any streams that have gone offline or it will populate the streams that have become live and will embed them in the upper left hand corner. 2) There is an opportunity to add chat channels of their choice. 3) The List of Streamers allows the viewer to visit pages that are associated with Donkey Kong even though they are not presently streaming.
  • Training Videos
The Donkey Kong Genius Youtube channel has been growing due to the popularity of its videos. The Rivet Training Video, and the two part Barrel Training Videos, together with all the Donkey Kong Junior tricks and strategies makes it a unique channel. Recently this channel has began to highlight other players who play Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, and Mario Bros.
  • Donkey Kong Basic Manual
The Manual that has become well-known on the Donkey Kong Forum has been permanently housed in wiki-format on the Donkey Kong Wiki. The original contributors: Vincent Lemay, Mitchell Elliott, Corey Chambers, and Jeremy Young have allowed Donkey Kong Wiki to create a wiki version that will enable this project to become a community collaborative effort. The wiki format was a perfect fit for this project given navigation, discussion page, and edit history.
  • Donkey Kong Code
A complete annotated version of the Donkey Kong Code which can be edited and become another collaborative effort by members of the Donkey Kong Community.
  • The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Due to the popularity, inspiration, and controversy that this documentary has brought to the Donkey Kong Community deserves its own page to contain content about the details of the King of Kong and its history.
  • World Record History
The most coveted of achievements, the Donkey Kong Arcade World Record has a very interesting and detailed history. This page is dedicated to the controversy, time periods, eras, and the players who have achieved this goal.

Player Biographical Articles

One of the best features of the Donkey Kong Wiki is its biographical material and data gathered concerning the best Donkey Kong Players in the world. These pages offer several features concerning players which highlight their content, history, and personalities.

  • Streams
Each page will embed their personal stream which will allow visitors to their pages to view them live if they are streaming.
  • Player Infobox
The Player Infobox highlights the players picture, score history, rank, achievements, and social media links.
  • Biography
The biography section invites the user to learn more about the personal life of the player behind the scores and streams.
  • Classic Arcade Gaming History
This sections offers a time period format to show the entire history of the player's involvement with Classic Arcade Gaming.
  • Tournament Achievements
This section graphs tournament stats and allows users to sort this chart. This chart shows the dates, scores, tournaments, place, and earnings of each tournament in which the player has participated.
  • Video & Photos
This section allows users to view any photos or videos related to the player. Youtube, Twitch, and other videos embed well in this section.
  • Articles & Interviews
This section highlights any articles or interviews related to the player.
  • Trivia
This section is devoted to quotes from and about the player and other little tidbits that are of interest.