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Donkey Kong Wiki aims to be the definitive source for all things Donkey Kong. This site is a wiki, which means that it is user-driven and dependent on your contributions. We welcome any and all contributions; the information on this page is to help you get started.

Requesting an Account

Account creation is through invitation only. It is required that you be a member of the Donkey Kong Community. Exceptions will be made when a person outside of the Community is knowledgeable enough about the hobby in order to offer substantive contribution. You can request an account by messaging the Donkey Kong Genius Facebook page. Please do not post to the page since you are leaving your email address and the reason why you would like to gain access to the wiki. Click the message button in the bottom-right corner of the cover photo near the like button. Messaging and/or creating an account assumes that you have read and agree with the Terms of Service. Upon receiving the request, and after verifying your identity an administrator will send you an invitation email. This email will contain a link to the account creation page. Enter your preferred username and password. Once the new account creation is verified edit rights will be granted.

Formatting and Good English

  • Templates
The Player Article Template is presently the only template in use and has all the needed code and formatting to create your Player Biographical Page. See Corey Chambers's page as the default appearance. Usually an Administrator will create and set up the player page for you. The Administrator will be actively involved in the formatting and coding of your page in order to ensure uniformity of all the player pages across the entire wiki. All you, the contributor, needs to do is focus on building the content since you are the expert on you!
  • Proof-Reading and Editing
There is always room to improve the spelling, grammar, and tone of most of our articles. Even without much factual knowledge, you can help us improve the quality of articles on this wiki by simply improving the language and grammar when you come across it while reading.
  • Style
We try to enforce a Style Guide with the intent of giving the wiki a more unified look. Treat it as a guideline, as other people can always clean up your work later.

Player Biographical Page

Players may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability. Check the bullet points below. If your chosen player fits at least one of these, then they are likely notable to warrant a page on this wiki. Be sure to contact the administrator for assistance since a player may have requested not to have a biographical page with their information.

  • Previous history: If the player is a pro-gamer in another game (Donkey Kong 3, Mario Bros...)
  • Achievements: If the player has earned at least a killscreen, or have placed in the top four of any Donkey Kong tournament
  • Involved: If the player is an active member of and a notable contributor to the Donkey Kong Community
  • Strategies: If this player has made widely known strategies
  • Wiki Contributors If the player has assisted in adding depth and data to the Donkey Kong Wiki

To create a new player page, follow the Player Article Template.

User Profile Pages

A User Profile Page is found when you click on your name at the top right side of the page. This page will display your awards, wiki rank, and other information about who you are as a wiki contributor. Have as much fun as you would like such as adding an avatar, creating a watchlist, view a list of your personal contributions, or to access your Wiki User Page.

Wiki User Page

Completely optional. Since each player will have their own Player Biographical Article one could use this page to add bits of data that have not yet been added to their article. Used in this way, this page could be used to keep the Article clean while having a location to place their information that is still in need of organization and formatting.