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Donkey Kong Wiki is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the history, professional scene, and strategy of competitive Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Wiki makes use of the MediaWiki format to provide an effective structure for describing Donkey Kong strategies while still lending itself to future expansion of the encyclopedia. Donkey Kong Wiki moves to fill a gap in the Donkey Kong Community by concretely defining competitive Donkey Kong play and tactics. Donkey Kong Wiki aims to be the premier source of Donkey Kong-related information available, including but not limited to Strategy, Players, and Tournaments.

The Mission

Donkey Kong Genius, in order to preserve a written history of Donkey Kong, centralize information, and increase the base knowledge of every competitive Donkey Kong player, has created Donkey Kong Wiki with the sole purpose of creating a renaissance of ideas, strategies, and game theories within the Donkey Kong Community. This repository will ensure that the philosophy of video games that Donkey Kong has brought to the forefront of so many gamers' ideals will carry on into the next decade. This encyclopedia will thus honor the progress of competitive gaming and ensure the legacy of one of the most influential classic arcade games of all time.

Your Contribution

How to contribute to Donkey Kong Wiki? You do! The administrators will ensure that only high quality content gets added into Donkey Kong Wiki, and makes sure that anyone looking for high quality Donkey Kong information can find it. Please help contribute to Donkey Kong Wiki, no matter how small your edit is, it is very important. It's the easiest way to say thanks to the Donkey Kong Community!