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Score Submission Archive
Date Player Platform Score KS Ref
10/5/2014 Michael Kibbey MAME 236,300 Watch...
10/3/2014 Johnny Bonde MAME 712,200 Read...
10/1/2014 Billy Gaines Arcade 300,600 Watch...
9/30/2014 Wes Copeland MAME 1,099,500 Y Watch...
9/23/2014 Mark Kiehl Arcade 1,137,500 Y Watch...
9/21/2014 Mick Winzeler Arcade 1,027,700 Y Watch...
9/1/2014 Billy Gaines Arcade 298,000 Watch...
8/28/2014 Graham Hawkins MAME 933,600 Y Watch...
8/26/2014 Andrew Barrow MAME 881,400 Y Watch...
8/26/2014 Corey Chambers Arcade 1,072,200 Y Watch...
8/24/2014 Billy Gaines Arcade 264,500 Watch...
8/24/2014 Chris Psaros Arcade 925,600 Watch...
8/24/2014 Mike Kasper Arcade 834,100 Y Watch...
8/24/2014 Jonathan McCourt Jamma 900,400 Watch...
8/24/2014 Ken House Arcade 502,600 Watch...
8/21/2014 Corey Chambers Arcade 1,060,600 Watch...
Featured Article

The Obstacles and Enemies

Kong rivet.jpg

Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong, or simply “Kong”, is the main antagonist in the game. In all of the different stage types, DK is positioned at the top of the screen. In some stages he throws barrels, in others he causes conveyors to switch directions, while in others he is a merely a deadly obstacle.


Fireballs/Firefoxes: Fireballs and firefoxes are generally randomly-moving enemies that travel horizontally across any open flooring when they are not freezing, ascending vertically at will, or descending vertically (under certain conditions). Contact with a fireball/firefox results in the loss of a life. Avoiding fireballs is the usual method of survival, however, jumping them may be required if no other possibilities exist. Only a hammer smash can extinguish these enemies. Even then, fireballs/firefoxes will eventually re-spawn on the Conveyor and Rivet stages a short time after having been smashed. Fortunately, no more than five fireballs/firefoxes will ever assault Jumpman on any given stage. Whenever Jumpman wields a hammer, fireballs/firefoxes will turn blue. The only differences between fireballs and firefoxes are their sprites and the fact that fireballs have slightly bigger hitboxes.


Barrels: A Barrel is an obstacle which is used by Donkey Kong on the Barrel stage. Barrels are either rolled down the girders (normal, rolling barrels) or are thrown down (wild barrels). If Jumpman is positioned on a girder higher than any brown, rolling barrels below him, those barrels will roll off the screen as soon as the reach the end of the girder they are on. Additionally, once these same sorts of brown, rolling barrels reach the end of the girder Jumpman is on, they will, likewise, roll off the screen. Blue barrels, however, will always make their way towards the bottom of the screen. Both types of colored barrels are able to also roll down both broken or unbroken ladders. Making contact with a barrel kills Jumpman. Barrels can be jumped, steered down a ladder, bypassed, or smashed with a hammer while on one’s journey to rescue Pauline.


Cement Trays/Pies: Cement Trays (also commonly known as “pies”) are obstacles that appear from both the left and right side of the screen on the Conveyor Stage (which is also known as either the “Cement or Pie Factory”). Their motion is dictated by the direction of the conveyor on which they are located. Trays can be jumped or smashed with a hammer. Any contact with trays is fatal to Jumpman.


Springs: Springs (also sometimes called “jacks”) are obstacles that appear on the Elevator Stage (also known as the “Spring Stage”). Springs appear from the top-leftmost area of the screen, bouncing across the top girder until they fall off the edge on the right-center side of the screen. Springs cannot be destroyed and should be avoided. Even though it is possible to jump a spring for 100 points, this is extremely risky and has absolutely no practical application. Contact with the springs kills Jumpman.

Oil drum.jpg

Oil Can: The oil can appears on the Barrel and Conveyor stages. Jumpman can walk behind the can on the Barrel stage, but jumping into the top is fatal. On the Conveyor stage, Jumpman can walk under and jump over the can but falling into the top of the oil can is fatal. Fireballs spawn from the can at the beginning of the Conveyor stage and re-spawn from that same can upon being smash. On the Barrel stage, a fireball will spawn from the oil can (up to a maximum of 5 on the screen at one time) whenever a blue barrel comes into contact with it.

Mario falling.jpg

Heights: Jumpman can lose a life if he falls off an edge or jumps onto a platform from too high of a location. Essentially, Jumpman is only allowed to fall a net distance of approximately his own height before it causes the player to lose a life. This distance is measured from where he last touches the ground until wherever he lands. Because of this, one can technically ‘fall’ further than Jumpman’s own height if the fall is preceded by a jump (measuring it from the apex of the jump). The most frequent maneuver where this sort of “falling rule” might come into play for the beginner is emergency wall-jumps or jumping off of an elevator.

Pulley -1.jpg
Pulley -2.jpg

Pulleys: The yellow elevator pulley mechanisms are located at the top and bottom of the elevators. Coming in contact with one of these pulleys while on an elevator, or jumping and hitting your head on them, will cause Jumpman to die. However, walking across them up near Donkey Kong is completely harmless.

Bonus timer.jpg

The Bonus Timer: Though the Bonus Timer can be used to gain points, if the timer ever runs out, Jumpman will die. The amount of allowed time to complete the stage is variable, depending on the level and type of stage, however, if the timer reads ‘000’ for a long enough time (~4.2833 seconds), it is fatal. However, Jumpman can’t die due to the timer expiring while he is in the air. Though, if it has run out (read ‘000’ for more than 4.2833 seconds), he will die immediately upon landing.